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This is the webpage of the best virtual office in Katowice city – Wirtualne Biuro w Katowicach

What is Virtual Office in Katowice?

Virtual Office is a service of delivering prestigious business address to register your company with additional office services, basing for example on receiving correspondence, scanning it and sending in e-mail to the owner of the company. Also, translations are possible. Moreover, our partners offer accounting and legal services.

Why our address is the best virtual address in Katowice?

Our Virtual Office offers best business address for your company in the industrial capital of Poland (Mickiewicza 29 street, Katowice 40-085). Doing scans of your documents (free of charge) with many supporting services and options makes our offer best suitable for vast majority of businesses.

Besides, just look at our prices:

Prices per month while paid for a year in advance:

187 pln 99 pln GROSS
199 pln 109 pln GROSS
239pln 149 pln GROSS
gwiazdki_dwieSTANDARD gwiazdki_trzyPREMIUM gwiazdki_czteryBUSINESS_PREMIUM
The best business address – right to register the company
Content of STANDARD packet
Content of PREMIUM packet
Receiving and storing the correspondence
Informing about post
4 hours of office monthly within contract
Additional 4 hours of office monthly within contract (8 hours in total)
Scanning the incoming post and sending to e-mail (free of charge, with option to deactivate it – then we scan envelopes only without opening any letter) Additional discount for accounting, translation and IT services.
PROMOTION! 1 hour of office for free!  
Prices per month while paid for a 6 months in advance:
299 PLN 306 PLN 349 PLN
Prices per month while paid for a 3 months in advance:
309 PLN 313 PLN 359 PLN
Prices per month while paid monthly:
429PLN 439 PLN 469 PLN

Promotional prices for new clients. GROSS values (after tax). Scanning of correspondence is free of charge – however, in case of significant number of scans the price may be negotiated.Te above offer has rather informative character and is NOT a trade offer in terms of Polish law (art. 66 §1 Kodeksu Cywilnego) and other legal records. Please note that registering the company without previous contact with our office may result in additional fee in order to sign the agreement.


About the Katowice city

Katowice is the capital of Upper Silesia region and the industrial capital of Poland. Katowice is also a fast growing city with moderate prices of real estate. Due to concentration of many businesses, its also a potentially best place for your company.

Location – our office is the most optimal place to locate your business!

We offer the registration address services for the companies. Registering your company in our virtual office is the optimal choice between finding cost-affordable office and highly expensive, prestigious office park.

Just see our address on Google Street View! It is highly prestigious location with hundreds of companies registered in both of towers.

Mickiewicza 29 street, Katowice 40-085

photo of towers

Contact us

Mobile: +48 668 149 294

Landline phone: +48 32 757 88 17

We wait for your calls from Monday to Friday: 9.00 – 17.00 (9am to 5pm)


Our company

xSolutions Spzoo

Mickiewicza 29

Katowice 40-085


Bank account

Nest Bank 44 2530 0008 2064 1044 1937 0001


How to register company in Poland?

To place the company in Poland it is required to register in institution called KRS (Court Register). In order to do so, you need business address. Moreover, additional office services are useful. Our company with partners offer the most fundamental services important to run a company in foreign country:

-business address for company registration,
-mail to e-mail service in order to receive, process (scan) and send the correspondence to the owner of the company,
-office physically accessible in hourly manner,
-accounting services,
-legal representation.

Why our address is the best choice?

This is because of many important reasons:
-the ultimately prestigious business address,
-no room prefix in registration address, nobody knows it is the virtual office, just Mickiewicza 29 in Katowice 40-085.
-the great location, center of the city, with good communication opportunities,
-conference rooms, restaurant and further infrastructure required to hold important meetings.

Contact us

Mobile:               +48 668 149 294

Landline phone:  +48 32 757 88 17

We wait for your calls from Monday to Friday: 9.00 – 17.00 (9am to 5pm)


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